Thank you. You can book earlier for services. Sun is still by appt. If you desire to go sooner than AM for a service please contact me. But we do all types of make up. We do accept all major credit cards in person, cash, and PayPal. Follow Stephanie on YouTube for make over videos and more. Click Link for directions to the Salon-Boutique.

Prices can be more for waxing if overly hairy. Need to see it in person to let you know. Quality should never be a compromise. From red carpet GLAM, horror, everyday looks, and styles so you can look great! We want you to be completely happy with your shopping experience from order to delivery. We are suite Zip We do make over, waxing, lessons, wigs, make up lessons, jewelry, larger shoes,and so much more. Thank you. Our last appt.

If you desire to do a later appt. Please contact at least 24 hours ahead time by phone. Hi my name is Stephanie.

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I am a pro make up artist and licensed aesthetician for more years than care to admit. I have been lucky enough to work on a few celebrities.

male to female makeover salons

But LOVE making making men into beautiful women. So you have always been curious as to what you would like like as the opposite sex?? Or maybe just need a little help to really make your own make up incredible. I can help. From skincare to make up. To helping you understand your body so you know how clothing should fit you. Helping you know the difference between positive and negative attention so your femininity can really shine through even more.

I do all styles of make up. I do airbrush and traditional. I look forward to meeting you and working on you. Any questions or to book contact me please. Powered by GoDaddy Website Builder. Videos 2. Home Shop Videos Videos 2. Shop Now.About us Testimonials. Press Articles. Esthetics Services. Queen Suite.

Empress Suite. Storage and Dressing Room. I want to let everyone know we are still open for business, even though it may not seem that way from looking at our website!

I have been going through some personal transformations myself. Yes, I almost fell, and in order not to, reached out and grabbed a doorjamb and ripped everything they had done loose, so they had to do it all over again. I do want to also let everyone know that if you want an immediate response from me, the best thing to do is call.

You are welcome to email if you prefer, but sometimes I do not check my email for several days if I am super busy. Spring is in the air, and it's time to get gorgeous!!

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If you've ever dreamed of being a woman, perhaps for a holiday, vacation or even for just one fabulous day or evening, then this is exactly the right place to start your feminine makeover. We understand you may be nervous or hesitant, many of our clients are at first We now offer a FULL LINE of beauty servicesmore lockers than ever in a nicer, brighter space, and 2 full rooms of every girly item you could need or want!

We've been working hard here making an even better place for our girls to enjoy! We have rearranged things, expanded, and remodeled almost every room to better accomodate our members. How about an outing to shoppng or clubbing or to visit a garden and have some pictures taken-- Or perhaps just some tea or a meal. A place to relax, unwind, get dressed and enjoy an afternoon or evening, a day or a weekend 'en femme'. What's happening all the time at Over the Rainbow Calendar events.

Starting July 1st we will be doing things a little differently here at Over the Rainbow! Our "Open Hours" are our hours of operation. Our "Social Hours" are drop in hours for our members to be able to come over without an appointment. And our "Private Hours" are times for those who are not ready to be seen yet to make private appointments for services and shopping.

This is all about you, so your input is greatly appreciated!! Your hostess A place to be yourself! Rate us at Susan's Place Transgender Resources. Home VictoriaSinclair victoriasrainbow. Calendar events Starting July 1st we will be doing things a little differently here at Over the Rainbow!My name is Lucille Sorella.

My years of experience as an image stylist, makeup artist, and dancer have made me an expert in creating an attractive feminine image.

male to female makeover salons

My background in fashion, makeup, and photo styling taught me how to create the illusion of beauty, while my dance training made me an expert in the art of captivating movement and performance. I truly believe that anybody — even the burliest truck driver — has the ability to pass or blend in as a woman. Some of these skills are common sense, but many are counterintuitive.

male to female makeover salons

All you need is a computer and Internet access. I want to prove to the world that crossdressers and transgender women can be every bit as feminine, attractive, and respectable as genetic women. If you have any questions or need tech support after purchasing, simply send us an email and we will respond within hours during business days. I consider it an honor and a privilege to be part of your feminine journey.

The only way I am able to sleep at night is knowing that you are seeing REAL results from my programs and that I am helping you become the woman you are meant to be. Remember, this is the most comprehensive male to female transformation program ever created.

YOU could be my next success story! Click here to place your order now! Hi Lucille, I wish to personally thank you for your help, guidance, and invaluable information that you provide to me and to our community. With your help, I have begun a successful modeling career. Your program is working wonders for me. Women have actually commented on my feminine appearance and treat me like one of the girls.

I came across your site for the first time today and was so delighted to finally find a source of really wonderfully intelligent, insightful, and compassionate information.

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Thank you. I have to echo the many compliments our girls have posted, in thanking you for your love for us, and for your great resources. ClickBank is the retailer of this product. Not only is Chris known in the industry for his Authentic Beauty Makeup, he has extensive experience with transgender makeup. She has extensive experience in all aspects of hair styling and is certified in wigs and hair extensions. She has helped thousands of women increase their confidence by improving their appearances.

Welcome to N2 The Looking Glass A Salon-Boutique

Alice has over 12 years of fashion experience and worked as a fashion designer for 10 years. Alice helps men and women improve the quality of their lives by enhancing their personal presentation. One of his specialties is feminine movement. He has helped hundreds of actresses, models, and everyday women how learn to move in a naturally sexy way. As a fitness expert, Gina helps women lose weight and reshape their bodies.

Kathe is world renowned as a leading Voice Feminization Specialist. Her techniques have helped thousands of transgender patients develop beautiful, feminine voices. Thank you, Thank You, Thank You.

I was so delighted to finally find a source of really wonderfully intelligent, insightful, and compassionate information. Thank you so much and please keep up the great work. Thank you for doing the upfront legwork to provide us the this complete resource.The first day of the Keystone Conference is generally pretty relaxed for me - I set up my makeup supplies, take care of a few appointments, and catch up with friends from prior years.

My first Keystone Conference was in I actually had to dive into my email history to confirm when I first attended. I drove down to Harrisburg on a recommendation from John Warrener that I was sure to have a good time. I was still fairly new to attending conferences as a makeup artist, but had been involved in the TG community for about four years. I was generally comfortable at events, but was still a little intimidated walking in only knowing one person.

I was pleasantly surprised, however, to recognize more than a dozen people who I already knew and considered friends. As promised, I had a great time, and have returned almost every year since then. The journalist, Lily, did an amazing job of setting up multiple interviews with me and a couple of my willing clients over the course of several months. She also kept in touch throughout the writing and revising process, clarifying details and checking her use of terminology.

I appreciated her sensitivity, good nature, and sincere desire to do right by her subjects. I also appreciate that its kept me hopping through most of the last year! The slower pace of life right now is kind of nice, but overall the new year and new decade is starting with some serious disappointment. Many of us were looking forward to the Keystone Conferenceand other events, which are either postponed or cancelled.

We all need some things to look forward to, as well as hope that this will pass quickly. Did you know that planning a vacation has almost the same benefits for your brain as actually taking that vacation?

Best Male To Female Makeover Services

I, like so many organizations, am looking at alternatives to meeting in groups in real life. My studio is sometimes a little cluttered or disorganized looking, but the important areas are always clean.

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The bathroom is cleaned and sanitized weekly whether or not there have been clients. All clothes and wigs are always washed after EVERY use, and breast forms are cleaned with rubbing alcohol. My brushes are always cleaned between clients. My usual guidelines are to keep the hygiene of my studio and supplies at a level I would feel comfortable with for me.

It makes sense, right? My studio in my home should be at a reasonably high level for my personal safety as well as for the comfort of each person who walks through the door. I, like most businesses, are taking extra precautions as well. Clients are expected to wash hands and face with soap and water immediately upon arrival.Experience the male to female makeover in a safe space and have photos taken by a transformation makeup artist who is a crossdresser herself.

Think of it as a social visit where you get to play a dress-up with your girlfriend and feel beautiful. Want to take the next step and go out dressed as a woman?

Meco training

Let's go! Quality MTF CD makeover service was missing on the market and it made sense to fill that gap with the skills that I acquired over many years. I put my experience to use in a way that I help others and by doing so I better my own life along the way too.

More about me on the next page. When not working out of my home studio or locally you can catch me working as a vendor and sometimes teaching makeup workshops at various conferences. For more information about the events click here. Some ladies love fashion and they just want their photos taken in various outfits, some love feeling sexy and prefer more boudoir type photo shoots, some just stop by for hair and makeup and head out, some ladies come by for makeup advices and lessons, and some book an artist to perform male to female transformation services at their home or hotel room.

Also, people come in all shapes, colors and sizes. Through my work I am fortunate to meet wonderful people with unique stories from different walks of life. There are many reasons why people crossdress and I work with everyone, but everyone has one common goal which is to feel good about themselves and be their most beautiful authentic self and that is exactly what M2Fantasy is about.

So, come get your own crossdressing fantasy on, girlfriend! This is a place for you to be yourself. Book An Appointment. M2Fantasy on YouTube.

M2Fantasy on Instagram. M2Fantasy on Flickr. M2Fantasy on Facebook. M2Fantasy on Twitter. M2Fantasy on Thumblr. M2Fantasy Makeovers. M2Fantasy is a crossdressing makeover service studio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Latest comments. Share this page. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.Transgender men and women face unique challenges in learning the ins and outs of new areas of fashion and style, in order to present an image that matches their identity.

I help my transgender clients create a natural and unique look. Together we will pick out makeup, apparel, jewelry, wigs, footwear, and accessories that suit your personality and appearance, and help project the true you.

I am dedicated to offering quality transgender makeover services, including makeup lessons, shopping sessions, wig or extension consultations, photo-shoots, and cosmetic guidance. My makeover services will provide you with a private shopping experience as well as lessons that teach you to understand how to choose the right clothing brand, fit, and color to match your personal style, body type, and lifestyle.

By offering my talents, I hope to make a stronger transgender community, help you build your self esteem, feel confident and look fabulous! I help my clients find the best size and fit for their body-type.

Our ultimate goal is to give our clients the tools and knowledge they need to ultimately wardrobe shop for themselves.

Along with helping to select the right look, I also provide special transgender image consultation services and practical lessons to make our clients feel comfortable. I assist in selecting an assortment of stylish looks and ensembles combinations of outfits, jewelry, shoes and accessories that suit individual personalities and tastes.

I offer complete transgender makeup and hair services that include special attention to eyes, lips, face contour, eyebrows, facial hair and complexion. These are aimed at delivering a natural look that is impactful without looking overdone.

The best makeover of Transgender male to female (male to female transition) mtf makeover

I'll work according to your level of comfort and cater to your personal style. I also offer face contouring services where together we can choose the right shades and blushes that suit your face and overall look while highlighting your cheekbones and facial dimensions. One of the most significant and difficult processes for a transgender man is choosing wigs. Wigs come in a whole host of styles, colors, and textures, and selecting the perfect wig from among all these options can prove to be incredibly difficult.

I can provide fitting sessions and help you find the look that suits you perfectly. Along with helping you pick the right dress and accessories, I also provide special consultation services and practical lessons that will help you feel totally comfortable in your new wardrobe. I am dedicated to using my talent and knowledge to help the transgender community, and I do everything I can to make each of my clients feel beautiful inside and out.

Amanda Sanders.

Transgender Styling Services

Transgender Styling Services. Last Name.

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How can I help you?Making Rain is a memoir of life on the edge of society. The story follows him through a bizarre landscape of odd encounters, from mob characters and cross dressing cops to the sorrows of the AIDS crisis. Through it all he retains his dignity and celebrates all that is healthy in life.

Come in for temporary body enhancement — building or reducing your natural physique to feminize your shape with form shape-wear and corsets designed to fit men. Our wigs are cut and styled for your face and your head for a personalized look. All of our cosmetics and cosmetic techniques are designed to make masculine features feminine. Your consultant will be personally experienced in cross-dressing, which will make you feel like you belong with us.

If you have any questions about the above services, give us a call Click here to give us feedback. Why Choose Fairplay? Cross-dressers, drag-queens, transgender people, and transsexuals are all welcomed!

Sessions are one-on-one or you can bring a friend. If you have any questions about the above services, give us a call Do you have any suggestions for the new site?